How To Make An Easy DIY Christmas Wreath?

31 October 2022   |   Salty Diamond

christmas wreath

    Materials Required

  • 8-inch Metal Ring
  • Artificial Pine Leaves
  • Artificial Golden Leaves
  • Christmas lights
  • Pine Cones
  • Artificial Red Flowers
  • 1.5-inch Red Ribbon
  • Florist's wire
  • Hot Glue Gun

    How to Make It?

  • Take your metal ring and start placing the artificial pine leaves, with the leaves facing outwards Place 3 or 4 pine needles per inch of the ring.
  • Use florist's wire to start attaching the leaves to the ring. Simply wrap the wire around the ring once, then take one bunch of leaves (3 to 4 leaves) and wrap the wire over the base of the leaves. Wrap the wire again on the ring, going underneath the pine leaves, then attach the next leaf, which should fall behind the previous leaves. Continue this until the whole ring is covered.
  • Now you have a basic wreath, to which you can attach decorations. Start by Attaching some artificial red flowers. Use hot glue to attach the base of the flowers to the leaves. Make sure to place the flowers as close to the ring as possible. Placing them on the leaves alone will not be strong enough.
  • Put a little hot glue on the stem of the golden leaves and attach them to the wreath as well. You can choose the number of leaves you want to attach according to your preference.
  • Finally, put a few pine cones onto the wreath. Place the pine cones with their top facing the direction of the leaves.
  • Finish the wreath by Attaching a big red ribbon to it. Make a large bow with your ribbon. Then attach it to your wreath with hot glue. Remember, your bow does not have to be perfect, it simply needs to complement the size and shape of the wreath.